Heidi Meier

Heidi has been involved in the nail industry since 2003. Actively doing nails since 2007. She relocated from Indiana, where she owned and opperated her own successful nail studio Always looking to continue her education,she has trained with award-winning techs, and is currently working on her medical nail technician certificate, to address specific podiatry needs. Heidi strives to bring you the new and upcoming hair trends while staying grounded with the classics. While she enjoys doing all nail services, her real passion is acrylic nail enhancements, where her natural creativity shines through. Heidi’s continuing education focus is specializing in custom acrylic enhancements, with great attention to detail, allowing her to create a set of quality nails made just for you…

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Services and Pricing


Take some time to realx and soak your feet. This pedicure covers all your basic needs.Each service will receive a consultation so that we can give attention to your most prominent prominent foot concerns. Our footlogix Pediceutical foot care line has an array of products so we can find something just right for you. This pedicure also includes polish or a buff finish to your nails. Spice up your manicure with a French design or add glitter. This also may include nail art on one finger, on each hand. Difficult designs or art on every finger may include extra charges.


A Maintenance Manicure is recommended with this service.




 This pedicure is targeted for the person on the go. Soak your feet, clip and file your nails and take care of the cuticles. For your sore leg muscles we will finish with a massage. This pedicure dose not include polis of a buff finish. Full Set (pink and white or with shellac)

Fill (includes Caption polish)

Re-white (pink and white or with shellac)




 Our weekly manicure o maintain cuticle wellness is essential for all hands. Enjoy filling and shaping, cuticle work and hand massage. Finish off your service with our long lasting Caption polish or a buff shine. Full Set (paint and white or with shellac)

Fill (includes Caption polish)

Re-white (paint and white or with shellac)




+ indicated prcing can vary due to hair length and product time

This manicure tends to last around 2 weeks for most people. It includes a manicure and removal of previously applied Shellac. If previous product is not certified Shellac, other charges may apply. Perfect Sense individual Paraffin hits for every client.
 All nail art services are charged at technician’s descretion