About Us

Ultimissimo, a boutique spa salon in Historic Downtown Hudson, is located on the first floor of the oldest standing building (built in 1857) and the only survivor of the Great Fire of 1866. Designed to create a warm and welcoming environment, it is also an artistically imaginative space that inspires the artist in all of us. It may take more than one visit to see all of the wonderful artistic detail.

Rebecca Erickson, owner/stylist designed and created Ultimissimo to be her final destination to practice her craft. A very accomplished Stylist, with over 30 years of experience, Rebecca wants the opportunity spend more time with the clients, enjoying the energy she puts forth and also the energy she draws from the clients.

Rebecca’s attention to detail is not limited to the artistic design, her dedication to customer service is beyond reproach. With a focus on client satisfaction, she has developed an environment to meet the needs of the client both in service and retail, with a commitment to organic and botanical products for a healthy lifestyle.


We believe in the highest standards of practice and service, providing only the purest products and techniques to our most esteemed client friends, with the assurance of satisfaction and guarantee. We will stand to always be in the forefront of interpretive beauty design, utilizing the most advanced technical skills while addressing a natural, holistic approach with ayurveda practices. We will establish and sustain an environment that will promote healing, wellness and a positive experience for all. We will support our community and give back to our world philanthropically.