Hello, my name is Leslie Gilbert, Stylist at Ultimissimo. With 20 years of experience as a cosmetologist, I remain passionate about helping my clients look and feel their best personally, professionally, and meeting their unique needs.

My clients describe me as a creative and intuitive person that radiates positive energy.  I want you to walk into the salon excited about your appointment. When you sit in my chair, it is my goal to help you relax mentally, emotionally, and physically.  I promise to listen closely and ensure you leave feeling amazing!

I was inspired to go into this profession at the age of 18.  I worked as a nanny for a mother in New York City who owned an Aveda Specialty Salon.  She inspired me and opened my mind to being a hairstylist and the endless opportunities the profession holds!  I was fascinated and inspired by the hair shows and photo shoots she took me to in the busy New York City streets, highlighting the hair and makeup she had done.  I am originally from Iowa, but currently reside in North Hudson with my two beautiful daughters and sweet dog who keep me on my toes nonstop.

My rich work experience as a hairstylist has prepared me to cut and style diverse textures, thickness and lengths to create unique looks.  My creative, innovative, and artistic abilities are here to serve you.

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Hair Services and Pricing

WOMEN’S HAIRCUT & FINISH $68 BALAYAGE                            $100+
MEN’S HAIRCUT & FINISH $48 Break the Base $30
STUDENT HAIRCUT & FINISH (15-college)   Clear Coat $30+
    Men $35 BLEACH AND TONE $110+
    Women $45 COLOR REMOVER $35
JUNIOR HAIRCUT & FINISH (AGE 11-14) $30 KERATIN by COPPOLA SYSTEM, INDUSTRY AFTERCARE PRODUCT. Starting at $300. May increase in increments of $30 depending length and thickness of the hair.  
KID’S HAIRCUT & FINISH (AGE 0-11) $24 EXPRESS BLOWOUT BY COPPOLA INCLUDING AFTERCARE PRODUCT. Starting at $125. May increase in increments of $20 depending length and thickness of hair.  
    Short to mid $45 HAIR CONDITIONING TREATMENT (5 min)  $10
    Mid to long $68  DEEP MASK (20min) $40
FULL HEAD FOIL $150+    
HALF HEAD FOIL $105+    

+ indicated pricing can vary due to hair length and product time